Stem Club: Educational toys

Is STEM a buzz word? Maybe but I think it’s here to stay at least for the next decade. Schools are creating STEM academies, we are adding Art to make STEAM and I have even heard of the year 2026 being STEM certified. All 👍 and as a parent to boys and girls I know that kids are naturally drawn to science, art, and maybe a little engineering but math not so much. At least where I come from (Pennsylvania!) the way we talked about math was not talking about it or knowing how we solved a problem, we just solved the problem ( sometimes, I’d like to think most of the time💡).

When I took Geometry, it was because I needed to graduate high school. When Algebra problems appeared, it was because x + y = 8. We just did it, now when a student wants to know how to do something like “How to solve an algebra problem” we ask google or Alexa, or Siri, or Cortana, you get the point.  My point is, when we give a child a toy that is a focused on STEM subjects, the child unlocks his/her curiosity and just might spark an interest in any one of these subjects or related careers.

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